The Story

Welcome to my personal journey of Buying My Time Back! I created this blog to detail my life and ambition to become financially independent and to help my readers gain financial independence as well. Let’s do this!

My name is Addam Driver and I live in Atlanta Georgia. Before moving to Atlanta I lived in my home town of Los Angeles CA with several streams of income. I was a Musician at 2 churches, worked for Uber part-time, ran a recording studio, conducted live recording gigs, side web projects, and holding down a full-time software engineering job.

After our move to Georgia there was no more recording studio (I’m working on changing that), no more Uber, not working at 2 churches, no more live recordings, side web projects were done and I still had a full-time job. With these drastic life changes, my time became much more precious and I couldn’t make all of it work as I did before. That also meant not as much money coming in either.

Come to Jesus Moment

In April of 2017, I realized that I needed to figure out this whole money thing. I didn’t have the cashflow like before, I needed MORE TIME so I can get back to where I was, I need time to find a better job, I need more time to build up my network of musicians, I need more time to sleep, etc. …I needed MORE TIME!

While on my quest of understanding how money works and dealing with not having enough time, the thought came “I need to BUY my time back”. It wasn’t the urgency of only having so much time to live, it just seemed like there wasn’t enough time in a day to do what I really wanted to do! So like any other financial planning in paying down debt, I started with the largest debt (in this case it was time) and realized my day job was taking up WAY too much of my time. Well damn! How do I change that without going broke? Well the answer for me was to create streams of passive income. Sounds great! So……. HOW!?

The Plan

I have several thoughts on how and plenty of ideas.  The plan is to try every last one of them.  I’m talking MLM, residuals, e-commerce, real estate, businesses, you name it.  Even though I’m not exactly sure which one or how many will take hold and grow, it’s still worth a shot.  Heck, at least I can say I tried it.

There will be postings about everything, my learnings along the way, and all that takes place.  This will also include my change from Engineer to Investor so I might put up a few posts about the Tech. sector as well.  One thing I’ve learned there is how to be lazy and how to be extremely disciplined.

My life as of now in this area will be an open book.  Hopefully, it will be interesting enough for people to learn from my trials good and bad.

Buy My Time Back

This blog is about the journey to Buying My Time Back with Financial Independence. I am no financial expert nor do I profess to be and I am still a work in progress.  My writings include my life’s challenges, changes, and successes.

Thank you for joining me and please feel free to reach out or comment with questions, suggestions, etc.


Addam M. Driver