I Joined a Crossfit Gym

A few months ago I decided to join a CrossFit Gym. Now that I’m down south with all of this good southern cooking my shape started… well… enlarging. SO! Time to get it together.

There are plenty of 24 hour and specialty gyms out here but I wasn’t that disciplined and I sure as hell wasn’t going to pay for a personal trainer. After a quick google search in my neighborhood, I found Caffeinated CrossFit. It was close by and seemed pretty safe. Let’s give it a shot!

Welcome To CrossFit!

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym

Reach your fitness goals with CrossFit at our gym in Smyrna, GA. Move well and live well while leading a healthier lifestyle. Try out a free CrossFit class today!

After contacting this gym with a SUPPER BADASS LOGO, I was promptly set up to start an Intro class. My wife and I went to the class and by the time we were done with the first round of the rowing machine, kettlebells, PVC pipes, bands, burpees and some other stuff I can’t even remember, I was hooked! My wife was not so much. Heck, sign me up for the Elements Course!

The Coaching Staff

The coaching staff there are really good. During my time in the elements class, I met most of them and the first thing they all enforce is SAFETY and good form. I’m sure the last thing they want is someone to get hurt on their watch which I eventually did but you’ll read about that later. All are very knowledgeable and took their time explaining do’s, don’ts and why’s.

The Pets

This was kind of unusual to me but I found it to be really neat. Some of the coaches and members have pets they bring to the gym with them. There is a little area where they hang out and play but mostly lay and watch us work hard. The owners, Coach Christine and Coach Way Joe bring their dog in sometimes. He is the “Welcome Committee”. Every time I pull up and he sees my car, he will greet me at my car door with a friendly tail wag, I give a few pats on the head and he walks me into the gym. I Love it!

My First Week

After passing the intro class you have to take an Elements Course. This is where they go over a majority of the CrossFit moves showing and explaining how to do them properly. It was a lot of information and the coaches continuously explain how to move correctly from time to time.

Addam Driver Caffeinated CrossFit

One of the most repeated phrases said to me was “stay hydrated!”. The amount of sweat on your clothing is ridiculous when you’re in your first 10 minutes of an hour class…Sheesh! Anyway, the elements class was eye-opening and once you’re done, you become an official member of Caffeinated CrossFit!

I made It! That was a very difficult day but I passed. Even wore my GMWA James Cleveland shirt. I needed all of the Gospel and prayer I could get.



Take Your Time…

During a class, I was doing deadlifts, 8 sets of 2, and working UP in weight after each set. On my last set, I decided to go up 10 lbs. Big mistake! I stood up good but once I got to the top PAIN STRUCK in my lower back, dropped the bar and that was it. That pain stayed with me for 3 days before I saw a doctor.

On my Birthday of all days, my wife took me to Urgent care in the morning. I got an X-Ray and thank God it showed nothing broken. Apparently, I strained my lower back muscle, fascia, and tendon. Next up were 2 shots in my ass with a steroid and anti-inflammatory. Then I was put on muscle relaxers as well as a steroid pack. It was recommended I did physical therapy too.

This unfortunate event set me back for a few weeks and I’m still feeling it. I’m not mad or blame the coaches, it was totally my fault. I had a feeling that last 10 lbs. would be trouble but I did it anyway. Surprisingly the Gym coaches reached out to assist in the recovery at various times. It made me feel all warm n’ fuzzy.

Lesson learned: Take your time and be careful!

A Few Tips:

I’ve been at it a few months now and it has been really good for me. Here are a few tips for those who are thinking about doing CrossFit.

Workout Gloves!

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New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

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Stay Hydrated!

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DYLN Living Water Bottle

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Stay tuned for more CrossFit adventures!